Your Teen Unleashed gives you the inside scoop into what is going down in the heads, hearts and other body parts of our tweens and teens! 

This book is your answer to understanding the world of sexting, snitches and teen witches. Better yet, it tells you exactly what to do about it…how to keep your sanity while keeping your child safe. Here at last, the practical, gloves off, toolkit to help you set the boundaries without becoming the Ogre.

The Internet and all that social media has to offer is here to stay. There is no reversing out of this parking lot. Whether your budding teen is a passionate gamer, a YouTuber, a WhatsApp junkie, an Instagram addict or a secret sender of sexts, we are on this ride together.

This book offers us a way to smooth out the ride and deal with some of these unspeakables. More than that it shows us to how to contract with our teens around their devices, how to track their online antics and how to find them when they won’t answer a midnight call. 

Each chapter offers great conversation starters to take the taboo out of teen online dating, fake Instagram accounts and frenzied Fortnite play. And it’s not all doom and gloom - there are also chapters devoted to the fun apps that your teen can engage to keep up the ‘cool factor’.

Like drugs and alcohol, there is no avoiding this journey. For sure, our kids will bump and grind against the ugly side of the net.
This book is your one stop solution shop to helping them prevent some inevitable ‘oops’ moments and when they happen, which they will, it will help them (and you) to come back from their social media mistakes with grace.

Abandon the judgement – be present and love your teen like...well like Kim Kardashian loves Kim! One huge unconditional amount. 

Buckle up for the ride. It is a wild one but, with this book, you’ve got this!